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Your family needs you to spend more time with them rather being on the computer trying to drag in more clients, so FIGJAM are going to share a few great ways on how to get more customers, more sales and more time with the people you love.

We concentrate on just one aspect of marketing and that is SEO...actually we "only sell one aspect" we actually do a lot of other work which comes free of charge through this website or over the phone with you. So what is SEO and how can it help you? It stands for search engine optimisation and in short it is all about putting your website in front of potential new customers who need your products and services right now.

Google, Yahoo and Bing are all search engines, and are little more than glorified directories, but back in the day of the Yellow Pages where we would look the the letter "P" to go on to find "Plumber" a search engine is far more helpful than that. 
One of the things we start with in your business are keywords and keyphrases, these are things that people type in when making a search.

"plumbers London"
"plumbers in London"
"best plumbers in London"

And what we do is find the best keywords for you to try and rank for. What we mean by "rank" is to be found for. So if "best plumbers in London" looks really good to rank for we will help you get listed for that keyphrase with the aim of getting you on page one.
So how can you tell which is the best word? Well we use different tools and what we are looking for is a combination of how many times people make that search each month and how string the competition is with also wanting to rank for that search term.

Therefore if on average "best plumbers in London" has less than 100 searches a month and the competition is high, but "emergency plumbers in London" has 300 searches a month and the competition is average then there you go, you know which one to chase first.

Whether you slave over your computer yourself or get someone to do this for you you need to have a return on investment, the easiest way to work that out is this.

1. how much profit do you make from a sale?
2. how much is the SEO services?
3. how many sales do you need to break even?

You need to be aware that once you are in SEO then you need to remain in SEO and if you are making a return on investment then sweet, there are no worries. But this is not a thing you can switch off or leave for a while and come back to because you will lose rankings and therefore lose investment.

Google is a business and it sells advertising.
People but advertising from Google because everyone uses it.
Everyone uses it because it gives the best results when making a search.
To give you the best results Google finds which websites are more relevant.
Relevance is created through the content of the site and other internet sites (directories, websites, blogs, social media) point to it.

So you have just completed 6 months of SEO there has been a lot of talk about your website and then WHAMMO there is nothing at all, no more talk, nor more people or sites highlighting your website...what does that tell Google? Are you relevant anymore?  Or even, are you still trading? And then POP goes your investment as you slide down the rankings onto page 2...who looks on page 2?  


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